Popcorn Supplies

Let's work together on your next event!

Fun Tyme Foods Inc. has been working in the popcorn business for years and understand the profitable options it provides. As one of the most consumed snacks in the concession industry, whether it’s a sports venue or a movie theater, popcorn machines and supplies provide a quality venue for business. When you want to improve your margin profit, let Fun Tyme Foods Inc.’s concession supplies lend a helping hand!

We provide excellent products to ensure that your event or venue is flawless. Our gourmet popcorn has been a successful product to gain the best profit ratio for many residents in the Chilliwack, BC area. Our popcorn supplies are sure to do the trick! Customers we supply are diverse and many, so we understand how to supply for unique capacities, whether you need it for a water park or a smaller party rental company.

As North America’s favorite snack, your customers will be back time and time again! No matter what kind of event you’re hosting or venue capacity you’re supplying for, our caramel corn is a sure way for you to get the most profit. As a supplier who works with Gold Medal, all our popcorn seeds, supplies, and machines come from a top-notch brand you can trust.

Whatever the case may be, look no further than Fun Tyme Foods Inc.’s supplies for products and equipment that can endure operating conditions for continued use. Our technicians also offer servicing and maintenance for your equipment. We proudly provide our services to the residents in the Chilliwack, British Columbia area, so contact us today!


Butterfly Popping Corn50lbs.
Magic Mushroom Corn50lbs.
All-In-One Packs/Coconut Oil36 x 8oz.
All-In-One Packs/Coconut Oil24 x 10oz.
All In One Packs/Coconut Oil24 x 16oz.


Yellow Coconut Oil Pail50lbs.
Yellow Canola Oil Pail50lbs.
Yellow Canola Oil Jugs6 x 3.79L
Topping Oil4 x 3.79L
Bulk Flavacol Popping Salt45lbs.
Small Flavacol Popping Salt2lbs.


Bulk Caramel Glaze Pop50lbs.
Caramel Glaze Pop1.75lbs.
Cherry Glaze Pop1.75lbs.
Blue Raspberry Glaze Pop1.75lbs.
Sweet Corn Glaze Pop1.75lbs.
Bulk Caramel Corn Treat Mix40lbs.
Caramel Corn Treat Pouch1.38lbs.
Bulk Basic Corn Treat Mix40lbs.
Basic Corn Treat Pouch1.38lbs.
Corn Treat Flavours1lbs.
Grape/Black Cherry/Blue Raspberry
Free & Easy Spray1qt.


Cheddar Cheese Paste30lbs.
White Cheddar Cheese Paste30lbs.
Flavour EZ Paste30lbs.
Savory Mix4lbs.
Cheddar/Ranch/Parm Garlic/BBQ/SourCream
Bulk Savory Cheddar/White Cheddar25lbs.


46oz. Theater Bagsx 1000
85oz. Theater Bagsx 1000
130oz. Theater Bagsx 500
170oz. Theater Bagsx 500
46oz. Eco Select Bagsx 1000
85oz. Eco Select Bagsx 500
130oz. Eco Select Bagsx 500
Small #1 Basic Bagsx 500
Large #3 Basic Bagsx 500
32oz. Popcron Tubsx 500
46oz. Popcorn Tubsx 500
85oz. Popcorn Tubsx 300
130oz. Popcorn Tubsx 300
18″ Polly Popcorn Bagsx 1000
30″ Polly Popcorn Bagsx 1000