Ice Cream

Nothing beats this cool classic treat!

This sugary, creamy treat is near irresistible.

Some fun facts about ice cream:
1. You can thank Thomas Jefferson for the pint in your freezer.
No, it wasn’t the US’ Founding Father who invented ice cream — which can be found as far back in the history books as ancient Rome and Greece — but he certainly helped popularize it. Jefferson was obsessed: A vanilla ice cream recipe was found in his Monticello estate (said to have been written by him, but most likely written by his staff), and he’s said to have served it at the president’s house at least six times.
2. You can thank Nancy Johnson, too.
Before 1848, ice cream was made in ice houses preserved really for the elite. But Philadelphia’s own Nancy Johnson invented what’s known today as the modern ice cream maker, or “artificial freezer.” Three years later, Jacob Fussell would be the first to open an ice cream manufacturer in the U.S., using the most advanced technological innovations for freezing and refrigeration.
3. The heyday of ice cream was World War II.
Prohibition and the Great Depression garnered a new need for a comfort food, and ice cream stepped in. By the end of the 1930s, Americans were eating more than a million gallons per day. Ice cream became a source of patriotism, so far that the U.S. Navy built a floating ice cream factory in a converted barge on the Pacific.

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